How Software Enables Fast Site Translation

Expanding your company’s global reach requires you to move quickly with your business, both online and offline, but site translation unfortunately slows companies down. You may be noticing that the number of customers visiting your website is growing steadily. This phenomenon is becoming commonplace for many businesses. As a result, many companies want to localize their website or web application from English into users’ native languages.

But, a resource-intensive translation process and competing demands for your team’s time can often slow down your progress toward localizing your site. Companies can overcome a number of barriers and achieve quick translation by using translation software, enabling software management and development teams to successfully cooperate to easily launch websites in other languages.

Painful Translation Processes Slow Growth

When asset management and translation processes are resource-intensive, a company’s mandate to localize its products can strain an already busy staff. Your developers may be finding that their time is being pulled away from their core responsibilities as they manage the translation process.

As a result, key research and development efforts on the product can be negatively affected. The company can risk missing key deadlines if the translation process isn’t streamlined. Perhaps your company is committed to expanding its product into new languages, and timing is of the essence to meet the demands of the fast-growing international video market.

Streamlined Management Solves Staffing and Timing Issues

Using a cloud-based translation software solution can offered you a customized and streamlined way to make website translation happen more quickly. When you seek a translation technology for websites, it’s important to find one that is seamless and integrates easily with your existing information technology resources. This way, your team can easily upload and download translations to the system through an enterprise-level application programming interface. Automated processes eliminate the project management responsibilities from your developers, which lets them get back to focusing on their core development efforts.

Momentum Quickly Gets Underway

Just a few weeks after configuring and implementing a translation management system, a company can easily deploy a website into Spanish, German, French, and any number of additional languages. Once the system is properly set up, developers rarely need to touch it again, and additional languages can be added with the click of a mouse. After selecting a new language, the system triggers a request to a translation provider, who logs in and does the translation work. Then, the newly localized site is deployed as soon as translation is completed.

The decision to use a translation software platform is really a decision abut extending your team with another team that has expertise and commitment to make your projects successful. Engineers and developers appreciate the value of working with a translation technology platform. Once the platform is up and running, there is never any need to delay a release because of translations not being ready.

A translation software company provides the tools needed to simplify the translation process and let the company’s staff focus on its core responsibilities. When the logistics of translating software become easier, progress accelerates and releases happen on schedule. Modern businesses rely on their translation software provider as a key partner in its efforts to expand its global reach, benefiting from the company’s expert guidance on succeeding in new language markets.

Image source: Wikimedia Commons