Smartling Adds Document Translation Capability

Today we announced the addition of document translation to our Translation Management System (TMS), making it the first fully integrated platform for translating and localizing online and offline content. The documents feature debuts today at GALA 2013 Miami Beach, a conference organized by the world’s largest association for the language industry, Globalization and Localization Association (GALA).

According to global market research firm Common Sense Advisory, “Smartling’s emphasis on connectivity to other management systems positions it well for the role as the hub in the enterprise content universe.”

The new document translation capability is fully integrated into the Smartling Translation Management System (TMS), an automated, collaborative workflow that manages all types of digital content, from websites and mobile apps to documents and brochures. Customers can drag and drop business documents into the Smartling TMS platform, which will automatically parse content and match it to the existing translation memory and glossary, and enable in-context editing.

You can get all the details in the press release here.

About Team Smartling

Smartling is a software company with the mission to make the world’s content multilingual.