Our Enterprise Translation Management Demo

We came, we saw, we demo’d – at CITE, that is.

A couple of us Smartlings were in the exhibitor hall to show off our platform and chat about translation management with attendees last week. What we discovered isn’t surprising: there’s a huge demand for enterprise translation management of digital content. Folks who have languages on their sites/apps find them painful (and expensive and time-consuming) to maintain; folks who don’t have them are very interested in a painless way to add and then maintain them.

Our translation management demo generated a lot of sighs-of-relief and wows-of-impression from those dealing with (or attempting to deal with) digital content translation. Localizing websites and apps can be tough. But not with Smartling.

Here’s the 4-minute demo that our Founder and CEO, Jack Welde (@jwelde), did for Network World.

Our platform extracts your digital content (or you can upload your string files), and includes the toolset to translate content *live, in-context* within your site or app. That is what separates us from all the other players in the market. If you want quality translations, you need digital translations done in context. If you want to maintain (dynamic!) digital content in many languages, you need a powerful management tool that can handle your custom workflows.

Our integration with MT gives you a quick sense of what your translated content will look like –in context. Most of our clients then choose to use paid professional or volunteer / crowdsourced translations from their community. We provide the tools needed to manage either scenario.

Our mission is to build the best tools on the planet for:

1. translators, to work live in context with digital content, and

2. content owners, to incorporate translation painlessly into the workflow of original-language creation through global distribution.

It goes without saying that this includes maximizing the content owners’ translation memory across projects to drive down their translation costs.