The Smartling Context Capture Extension for Chrome

We all know the importance of context in ensuring that you have a quality translation. This is why the Smartling Translation Management System enables context for a variety of projects – files, docs, websites.

For websites, in some cases it’s difficult to capture dynamic content — a modal dialog, a hover menu, or text loaded by ajax — because it isn’t visible in the initial load of the page. The Smartling Context Capture Extension solves this problem by allowing you to take a HTML snapshot of any state of a web page.

Translators will see these snapshots and better understand how their translations fit linguistically and visually into the context of the page. Because Smartling captures HTML, not just a screenshot, the translation text can be inserted into the markup to test its fit.

The extension is a free plugin that you can install via the Chrome Store here.

Once installed, you can then take a snapshot by clicking the Smartling Hi! icon in the upper-right corner of the browser.

Smartling Context Capture Extension
You can then submit the snapshot to your Smartling project where it will be associated with any matching strings.

Smartling Context Selection Feature

For strings that already have existing context which you want to improve, you can use the Extension’s string selection feature to override the old context in one step (without first clearing context in the Smartling List View). You can also use the selection feature to target specific strings without affecting the context of other strings on the page.

Smartling Context Selection Feature

The Smartling Context Capture Extension even exposes an API, which means you can invoke it from a browser automation tool such as Selenium.

For even more information about our extension, check out our smartdesk Help Center.

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