Smartling Customers Share Their Best Moves From 2016

The path to major progress is paved with minor improvements, and you never know which subtle change will ultimately win the day. Here are a few of the small fixes that made big differences for our customers in 2016.

On Finding the Perfect Fit…

Thoughtful market penetration strategies are a prerequisite for any successful localization project. How you choose to weigh existing demand against future potential when identifying opportunities will vary according to your business goals, but budgets are too tight to start translating without compelling evidence of each.

Once your map of target markets has been set, it’s also important to acknowledge different cultural factors and consumer patterns when designing your content strategy for each segment. Just because customers share the same language or geography doesn’t mean they necessarily share the same rules of engagement.

As Enrique suggests, today’s top brands will distinguish themselves with their curiosity for customer preferences and agility in responding with personalized experiences.  

On Accelerating by Automating…

One of the most concerning symptoms we see when diagnosing translation processes is an inability to get content to and from translators in a timely manner. Manual import and export is still a limiting factor for too many companies, needlessly adding weeks (or months) to turnaround times.

Automating the delivery of content to and from translators is the first step toward transforming translation into an agile process. Instant updates, dynamic content strategies, and a wealth of other intriguing advantages all spring from this one simple fix. And as Laura found out, our technology team can forge these crucial connections all across your content ecosystem.

On Getting Ahead of the Game…

Translation used to be the weak link in global product launches. Incredibly sophisticated hardware and software would have to wait for market release while the manufacturer’s language service provider cleaned up some decidedly simple grammatical errors. (It didn’t seem right to us, either.)

Today’s agile translation solutions are now empowering localization teams to turn this relationship on its head. Cloud-based translation management platforms radically simplify interdepartmental collaboration, enabling engineers to share key linguistic requirements long before a product is scheduled for market debut. At the same time, automated processes and customized workflows can help translation teams turn around text in a matter of hours.

As a result, companies like Canary can commit to rapid release cycles while still finding ample time to create and test localized content.

On Extending the Customer Experience…

“Localized” should not be a code word for “limited.” While there is value launching with your minimum viable content, ultimately you should aim for a brand experience that feels as immersive to foreign customers as it does to their domestic counterparts.

Supplying localized content for every stage of the lifecycle is one way to demonstrate your commitment to customers, but diversifying your content formats can also add vital layers of authenticity and depth to your communications.

Don’t worry, though, “immersive” isn’t a code word for “expensive.” Anja is proof that diligent translation memory maintenance can save your company a significant sum.

On Catering to Individual Requirements…

We realized long ago that asking diverse teams to conform to standardized rules was a lost cause. So while more rigid systems might break under the weight of your business complexities, our flexible solutions elegantly adapt to support whichever workflows you think are best.

In the case of Fitbit, Chelle used her customization capabilities to widen the circle and give more of her colleagues a voice and a view into translation activities. For other customers, we see teams selectively limit participation on low-priority jobs in order to accelerate speed to market.

Whichever arrangements you choose to apply, the enhanced visibility and improved accountability made possible by cloud-based collaboration will help keep projects on track and strategies on course.

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