Smartling Launches New Dashboard File List View

At Smartling we talk a lot about our agile development and “continuous deployment” process and how we’ve built our Translation Management products based on customer feedback.

Last week we launched a new file view in our Dashboard which was built to be better looking, easier to use, and streamlined to highlight the “immediate action” information about translatable files managed in Smartling.  Our clients know this new view because of the big, pretty icons and new file search and this replaced the far uglier, less-functional list view.

Suffice it to say, we received a lot of feedback on the new design – most people loved it , but a few were quite vocal that they preferred the list view, ugly and all.

Well, we listened!  Today, we’re launching a new File list view in our Dashboard which allows users to view their files as a more traditional list view – just as you’d see in Dropbox, the Mac Finder, or Windows Explorer.  Same great looking design and same information as the icon view, but with a new layout.  Now, Smartling clients can view their files as big pretty icons — or in a list.  The choice is yours!

How Smartling clients use our tools is as varied as the clients themselves – from Fortune 500 companies with thousands of files, to smaller web shops managing a few mobile resource files.  We work hard to build tools to satisfy all of these needs.  And when we get feedback: we listen, we build, and we release.

Keep the feedback coming!

About Team Smartling

Smartling is a software company with the mission to make the world’s content multilingual.