Smartling Launches New Branding and Responsive Website

Having just enjoyed the best quarter in its company history, Smartling unveiled new branding today, along with a slick, responsive redesign of its website. The new Smartling brand encompasses what the company achieved as a startup, and its evolving position as a thought leader on digital globalization, now and in the future.

The new branding and logo also speak to the value Smartling’s technology delivers, and to the type of brands and businesses using that technology to gain a more dominant global position.

“We have helped hundreds of aspirational brands to reach new international markets,” says Judd Marcello, Vice President of Marketing, Smartling. “In the process, we have learned what resonates with buyers and customers around the world, and have become an authority on using translation as a growth strategy in the digital age – our new brand reflects our established position and client list.”

As companies seek growth in international markets, they want to ensure their messages still resonate with buyers, customers and prospects. But how do they do that, and then do so consistently?

This question ties back to Smartling’s new brand, and the company’s vision for how technology can:

  • help aspirational brands to amplify global growth; and
  • provide multilingual companies with the tools to succeed in any market.

Simply stated, we have entered an era where a brand’s next touchpoint could be anywhere, but will its current multilingual content strategy be enough to make the most of each interaction? This is why it is essential for brands to think about global market penetration from the outset, rather than trying to shoehorn new markets in down the road.

Smartling is here to help companies to offer native brand experiences for their buyer audiences. Messages need to be able to resonate with people in every language, across all cultures, and in any market in which a company does business. Every message a brand sends out – regardless of where it originates – must be experienced on a local level. Putting in the effort to truly localize content now will soon pay dividends to a business’ bottom line. But long-term, it could prove to be the difference between a brand and its competition.

“Our technology significantly reduces a brand’s time-to-market and allows employees to develop compelling content and campaigns,” says Jack Welde, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Smartling. “We work with brands to help them to become truly fluent in any language and every marketplace.”

Smartling is excited about what the future holds for global content strategies, and looks forward to helping forward-looking brands to grow internationally.

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Join us on Tuesday, September 22nd for GLOBAL-READY: Multilingual content strategies that improve global acquisition rates, a webinar that will explore a better approach to reaching customers around the world using the right strategy, the right message, and the right technology.

Ready to get started? Smartling can help you develop a global content strategy that will drive development of native brand experiences that will propel you into new markets, fuel international growth and increase your bottom line. Contact us today for a demo of the Smartling Global Fluency Platform – so that your brand can be everywhere.