Streamline Translation and Localization with Smartling’s Global Fluency Platform

Ninety five percent of consumers currently live outside of the US, according to the US Chamber of Commerce, and global fluency is the key to reaching them. But ambitious brands don’t view that as a challenge, rather an opportunity that will help their companies continue to grow and obtain a more dominant position in the global marketplace.

Today’s consumer is savvy and prefers to learn about new products and services in their native tongue. A report by Common Sense Advisory confirms this, noting that 75 percent of survey respondents prefer to make purchases in their native language, while 60 percent said they wouldn’t purchase from English-only sites. Because of this, it is imperative to deliver native brand experiences in every market and language in which you do business.

This can be accomplished by implementing a solution such as Smartling’s Global Fluency Platform, which combines business process automation with expert professional translators and enables brands to translate content as it’s created.

Global fluency is within reach

Smartling’s solution eliminates as much as 90 percent of the manual processes and costs associated with the translation and localization process, giving you the agility and flexibility to deliver high-quality messages quickly and efficiently.

Find out how Smartling can streamline translation and localization for your business in the video below.

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