Frustrated with Global Content Review Processes? There’s a Better Way

When thinking about traditional methods of translation, one word that comes to mind is waiting. This is especially true during the review process, where there is often a seemingly endless loop of back and forths between content owners, translators, and in-country reviewers to make sure the content is of the utmost quality. Such bottlenecks in the review process can delay a piece of content’s time-to-market by weeks or sometimes even months, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Smartling’s Global Fluency Platform can eliminate as much as 90 percent of the manual processes associated with translation and localization, many of which are part of the final review. Below are three features that will eliminate much of the waiting and frustration typically associated with translation and localization:

Customizable workflows

Having the right technology in place gives the translation and localization process more structure than it previously had, even with the simple addition of customizable workflows. Roles are clearly defined and the progress of projects can be tracked in real time, with full transparency. Workflows give you the confidence that projects will be completed on time and within budget (or highlight any issues before they become problems). This makes it easier to identify what is working and what isn’t, allowing you to improve the process as you go.

Automated processes

Traditionally it has been much more difficult to push content through the review process. But implementing the right translation management system with an automated engine can streamline the process of content review and approval. Project owners can review the progress of the project on demand. Reviewers, translators, and others providing translation and localization services receive automated alerts when new tasks are ready for action. Virtually eliminating bottlenecks, while ensuring your high quality global content gets to market as quickly as possible.

In-context review

Typically the first time content is available to be reviewed in-context (i.e. within the Web page, app, or document) is during the final review process. A lot of times in-country marketers don’t have access to the programs where the content lives, so they are forced to review screenshots, PDFs or JPGs of the content, which results in more delays as they can’t make corrections or suggestions directly in the content. This process is inefficient and tedious at best and at worst, can lead to problems with the way your site is displayed.

With Smartling’s technology, workflows can be customized, processes automated, and reviewers can use the same interface as translators to provide feedback. Because they are able to see translations in context – instead of in cumbersome and overwhelming spreadsheets or text files that are disconnected from on-site graphics or visuals – brands can be confident their translations accurately fit the available space, and ensure faster time-to-market.

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