[Survey] Enterprises Show High Demand for Localized Digital Content

Recently, Smartling partnered with IDG-Connect to conduct a survey of more than 200 enterprise IT decision makers to assess their current approach to digital content translation and localization, and get a picture of future plans for international expansion.

The survey found that there’s a high demand for localized digital content, with more than 40 percent of those surveyed already translating content into more than 10 languages. That number is expected to jump to nearly 70 percent in just two years time.

The survey also found that the types of content these organizations are translating is going to begin to shift. Presently, website and digital content dominates with 90 percent of organizations participating in that activity. That number will remain roughly the same over the course of the next two years. Not surprisingly, translation of mobile content will grow by 11 percent and emarketing content, such as email campaigns and social media content will grow by 22 percent.

Somewhat surprising is the rise in the translation and localization of gaming content. While it is still the least commonly translated content type, those brands translating gaming content will almost double, growing from 22 to 43 percent over the next two years.

For a recap of the survey check out this video below.

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