SurveyMonkey’s Website Localization Made Easy With Smartling

Like many Web 2.0 companies, online survey software and questionnaire tool vendor SurveyMonkey faced a limiting factor in their global market opportunity. Its products were only useful for those who could read and write in English. And while English is used around the world to some degree, it’s certainly not a “universal language” (as some may think). In fact, almost 73% of Internet users don’t speak English.

That’s a problem when almost a third of your subscribers live in countries where English isn’t the primary language.

SurveyMonkey Goes Multilingual

SurveyMonkey knew that to avoid leaving money on the table, they had to “go global” in product usability, not just in market outreach. But using traditional translation to internationalize software and launch a foreign-language site can take 12-18 months. That wouldn’t do.

SurveyMonkey engaged with Smartling and used its modern technology solution for the age-old website localization challenge. Our cloud-based solution reduces the complexity of the problem because we host and deliver the foreign language sites for our clients. Perhaps more importantly, the translation “workflow” is integrated into the deployment model, so companies like SurveyMonkey who deploy code weekly (or more frequently), can keep all their language sites in sync.

10 New Languages in Six Months

To get started, Smartling’s platform pulled all of SurveyMonkey’s web content – including dynamic content, like Javascript, AJAX, and JSON – and parsed it for translation workflow. Then professional translators used Smartling’s translation interface, which hovers over their live site, so the translators could do their high-quality translation in context. Translators see how the new copy will be used on the page and any design-related / layout issues they need to take into consideration. Translated content is stored in the cloud to simplify maintenance and ensure delivery of the correct version to foreign-language visitors (via the Smartling Translation Delivery Network).

Rather than taking 12-18 months, Smartling launched a Dutch version of their site and online survey tools within six weeks. Inside of six months, they had 10 new language sites – and their International team was working to further localize support, service, and their sales and marketing outreach.

If you’re ready to go global like SurveyMonkey, you can try the Smartling platform for free!

About Team Smartling

Smartling is a software company with the mission to make the world’s content multilingual.