Take Control of Translation Management and Workflow

Website localization – and the ongoing maintenance of localized sites – can be frustrating to the point of screaming. (A Fortune 500 client recently told us the process made her so miserable that “I vowed I would find another way!”) Partly, it’s the antiquated process (exporting strings, translation out of context, building new infrastructure, etc.). But it’s also about lack of control and flexibility. One of the (many) reasons our clients choose Smartling’s translation management system is because it gives the content/project owner total control and flexibility over the translation workflow, yet automates the painful part (i.e. string extraction, presentation for translation in context, delivery of new sites).

Manage Translation

Using Smartling’s translation software, localization managers can use the Smartling dashboard to manage what gets approved for translation, what languages its translated into, what type of translation to use, who reviews translations, and when it’s published. There’s no blackbox like other translation and localization services, where the content is handed over, translated out of sight, and then handed back.

Configure Translation Workflow

Localization managers can even configure options independently of each language. Say you want your Spanish site to be translated by professional translators and reviewed by professional translators, but you want crowdsource translations for your Japanese site with internal review by employee. You can do this with Smartling’s translation platform. In fact, it’s as easy as changing some settings.

Smartling’s flexible options allow you to set up the translation workflow that works for you. Translations can be translated, edited, reviewed, then published. Or maybe you only want them review, then published. Or edited, then published. You can even control if you want to publish the translated content after the final step or manually publish it yourself. Total control.

Already a client? You can learn more about these settings (and other features) at the Smartling Help Desk.

Curious about Smartling’s translation management software and what it could do for your website localization project? Send us some details and we’ll get back you ASAP.

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