Tap into More Holiday Spending This Season by Going Global

As the holiday spending season kicks into full swing, many smart businesses will expand their global marketing strategy to include holiday shoppers around the world, likely capturing more sales revenue in the process. According to ABCNews, global consulting firm Deloitte is forecasting a 9 percent rise in consumer spending for gifts in 2014, and online shoppers are expected to spend 66 percent more than those only shopping in stores.

Since nearly 40 percent of consumers have made an online purchase from another country, developing and implementing an international marketing plan for global holiday sales is the smartest move a company can make this time of year. Although it may be tempting to focus your marketing dollars on high-spending US customers, don’t leave your international customers out in the cold. The following are some ways to include them in your holiday marketing plan this year:

Make Email Marketing a Priority

Email marketing is still the simplest and most cost-effective way to reach your international customers. Tapping into global holiday spending can be as easy as setting up personalized, targeted email marketing campaigns for your highest-spending regions. Be sure to localize your email content, translating it into your customers’ native languages and matching your campaigns with the correct holidays for the country.

Localize Your Timing

Your international customers may not know about Cyber Monday, so it’s up to you to tell them about it. If you are running any sales or specials during the traditional US holiday schedule, don’t assume your foreign buyers are in the know. Also, research the country and the religious holidays in their areas and then adjust the timing of your sales and promotions to fit a more localized schedule.

Consider International Shipping Promotions

In a study by Worldpay, unexpected costs during checkout (such as shipping and taxes) was the most common reason customers gave for leaving a site without making a final purchase. Minimize the risk of losing international holiday spending dollars by offering special shipping promotions during the holidays. There are many creative ways to offer your customers shipping discounts, such as giving them free shipping if they purchase a minimum amount or upgrading the shipping option for free so your customers receive their items in time for the holidays.

Tap into the Holiday Spirit

‘Tis the season to be jolly and get creative with your brand messaging. Putting in the extra effort to localize your brand messaging for holidays in other countries will make all the difference to your customers around the world. Tap into the holiday spirit by connecting your brand to the happiness the holiday season brings to your customers and personalizing the message to their circumstances, and you’ll have a winning global marketing strategy for the 2014 holiday season.

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