Ten Things we Love about Dashboard 3.0!

Ten Things we Love about Dashboard 3.0!

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In January, we announced the launch of Dashboard 3.0, the new version of our platform that features a more intuitive user interface, sidebar navigation, and consolidated screens that make it easier to use and quicker to respond.

So what are Smartlings and our platform-users saying about the changes? Check out this list of ten things we love about Dashboard 3.0:

  1. Navigation – Tab navigation is replaced by sidebar navigation (with additional navigation in the upper-right corner of some screens).
  2. Overview cards allow you to open a project, and display status of projects, giving you more information at a glance.
    Ten Things we Love about Dashboard 3.0!
  3. The projects menu displays a list of all projects to which you have access, or allows you to add a new project in the current account.
  4. The project picker uses a type-ahead search to help you quickly find projects.
  1. All reports appear in one location – Site Traffic, SmartMatch, Tracked URLs, Word Counts, and Words Under Management
  2. The Translations tab is now the location for all related information – reports, tools (style guide, glossary, patterns), workflows, translation memory, etc.
  3. Several screens from the previous version of the dashboard are consolidated in one location at Global Delivery Network > Configuration.
  4. Enhancements under the hood improve the performance of the Smartling Platform and allow us to iterate on new and existing features much faster.
  5. Word count reporting is improved with project summary word counts.
  6. We like the color scheme better 🙂

If you’re new to Smartling services and offerings, sign up for a demo here and learn more. We’d love to hear from you!

About Kevin Barefoot

Kevin is a technical writer who works on the Smartdesk Help Center. He's based in Vancouver, Canada, and holds a degree in writing from the University of Victoria.


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