Three Must-Haves to Look for in Global Marketing Software

The demand for global marketing software is on the rise as businesses continue to discover how software can make going global more efficient and less costly. There are a variety of software programs available, but what you choose will depend on the needs and scope of your organization.

Management and administration programs help you control internal communication, track expenses, create and implement budgets, and manage projects from end to end.

Analytics and optimization software provides storage space for data and, through this data, tracks everything from conversion rates, to page views, to consumer behavior on your site, to conversations on your social media pages. You can then use that information to further optimize content for each of your audiences.

Content production and management programs provide all-in-one platforms to create, edit, and publish marketing content.

Translation software, which falls under content production and management, is a multilingual CMS that automates the translation process, providing efficient translation, brand consistency, and scalability — all of which are pivotal to a successful global marketing campaign. Here are three must-haves to help you get the most out of your translation and localization services.

1. Automation

Not every localized site you create will be the same. Beyond differences in language, the steps you need to take to create high-quality content may vary depending on the demands of a specific culture or marketplace. As you expand, multiple websites and marketing campaigns can quickly seem unmanageable and too time-consuming when handled manually.

Translation software with automated workflows makes it easier to map out the needs of each individual website localization project. Look for software that includes this type of workflow, which can be customized to fit your company’s needs in multiple cultures without overwhelming your staff.

2. Speed

With mobile users on the rise in many global markets, consumer demand for the fast delivery of current content is sure to grow as well. Speed is vital to the success of a website’s localization, both in launching a new site and in keeping it up-to-date.

International marketing software that offers agile translation can help you meet consumer demand as you ensure your localized business stays relevant and doesn’t lag behind your competitors. Agile translation is an efficient process that makes it easier to keep up with the rapid changes that come with creating and maintaining a localized site. Using tight collaboration, upfront planning, and short translation cycles, agile translation makes localization a much more flexible and fluid process, which means faster content delivery to keep up with the pace of product development.

It’s also important to look for translation software that offers a website proxy. Translation proxy eliminates the need to write time-consuming code, and instead automatically extracts text and images from your original site. This content can then be translated or replaced for your localized site using the software tools provided by the platform.

3. Tools

The best software localization and translation doesn’t simply translate content; it integrates a wide array of tools that help you create a high-quality website localized for different global markets. Components like translation memory, which stores previously translated content segments for reuse; and style guides and glossaries, which provide predetermined guidelines for translators and content creators, ensure quality while speeding up the translation process and saving you money in the long run.

Working with multiple tools on a single platform from start to finish also makes it easy to communicate with every member of your marketing team, including content creators, editors, and translators. This ensures that everyone is on the same page and helps to maintain consistency in tone, style and brand voice, which is critical to localization in any global market.

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