Translating Sites Can Help Your Business Go Global

Making the decision to go global is a big one for any business, regardless of size. However, if you have a small- or medium-sized enterprise, taking your business to an international market can be especially tough; you may feel as if you don’t have adequate resources to appeal to a global audience in a meaningful way.

Fortunately, businesses with some presence online can make an impact abroad with minimal risk and maximum return on investment. Although translating sites may not sound like the cornerstone of a global marketing initiative, this one movement can introduce your product to the world very effectively.

1. Build on Your Current Marketing Efforts

It can take a while to create a successful marketing campaign, and once you’ve struck gold, it’s natural to want to go with what has proven to work. Your campaign may need to be tweaked for an international market though the process of localization.

If you’ve already made inroads in your target market—through ad materials and other content—translating sites in addition to these efforts can only bolster your message and give your campaign the push it needs to enter another culture’s mainstream.

2. Match Competitors

You’ve likely done plenty of research on domestic competitors, but it can still be tough to get a firm handle on the international industry. Translating your website into the local language will help set the stage for your business and also help build relationships with new communities. Partnering with localization experts is very important to the quality of your translation. They will help you use multilingual keywords that further boost your site and help it rank high in local search results.

3. Fast Turnaround

Going global takes some time. Getting ready for international product launches, coordinating with human resources, and devising unique marketing strategies for new regions around the world can take months or even years. But translating sites that offer a benefit beyond your country’s borders is a quick solution that helps you reach an international audience faster, even as other components of your international marketing strategy are still being figured out.

Keep in mind the fastest results don’t necessarily mean the fastest translation. It is important to never use machine or automatic online translators for enterprise needs, as these tools often introduce grammatical errors, misspellings, and other issues into your copy. Though it may take a little bit longer, using professional translators is always a better move. You can always speed up the translation management process by using a translation management system.

While rolling out the components of a global business, translating sites into multiple languages is a great way to introduce your company to new users and hit the ground running.

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