Translating Websites into Bengali

Translating websites into Bengali is a fascinating task because it’s like talking to a lot of people at once. Here are some tips on how to do this right:

Keep in Mind the Diverse Bengali Audience

Website translation is not the same as translating personal, professional, or legal documents. When trying to convey a message, remember that the target audience may comprise of people from different regions, different beliefs, and different education and age levels. Your task is to make your translation suitable for all of the above. You should choose your tone and the words you use carefully, or you risk making the website inappropriate for certain groups (unless, of course, the niche of the site is such).

Pay Attention to How You Translate Keywords 

Better search engine ranking ensures better visibility of a website. To enable a higher ranking, perform a keyword research. Every website has a particular niche, and the keywords you should look for are the words people normally use in a search when trying to find products or services for that particular niche.

To make sure you have the correct keywords, extensively research the niche markets related to your site to know all the market terms and search terms. For example, if you’re translating a site that sells apparel and accessories, possible keywords could include: ঘড়ি,মেয়েদের জুতা, টি শার্ট, ছেলেদের জুতা, সালওয়ার–কামিজ, ব্রেসলেট, আংটি, and গহনা, among others.

Determine the correct amount of times to use the keywords so that the website obtains maximum benefit of search engine optimization. You can search for specific keywords used in a particular region if your target audience comprises of people from that region only.

Check and Re-check Your Work before the Website Goes Live

Many people will be viewing your work. If there is any mistake in the translation, it’ll not only affect your client, but also question your credibility as a translator. If possible, have another translator proofread your work to review and improve your translations if needed.

The Future of Bengali websites

Today, the number of sites being translated into Bengali is only growing. These easy tips will help you get started, and show you that there’s no reason why you can’t be successful when translating websites into Bengali.

About Rehana Parvin

I’m a native Bengali translator living in Bangladesh. I have a graduate degree in Applied Statistics, and am the winner of multiple government awards in science and education. I have extensive experience in SEO, including translation of metadata, along with keyword prominence, density, and curation.