Translation: Are You Doing it Wrong?

Are you still copying and pasting strings into spreadsheets and emailing them to translators? If the answer is yes, then let’s face it: your translation process needs an overhaul. Modern business requires an agile approach to translation–not just in development, but in strategy too, as translation (like other processes) adapt to shorter release cycles. Each new update means more content to translate. Budgets get smaller, deadlines get shorter, but somehow the number of words keeps growing.

Traditional translation processes won’t work in an age of exponential content growth. It simply can’t keep up. It takes too long to manually copy strings onto a spreadsheet, then paste translations out again.

You know there are inefficiencies–places in the supply chain to save time and improve quality. But traditional translation operates in a black box: The moment you email the translation company your files, you lose insight to what’s really going on.

You need scale. And old-fashioned translation methods can’t give it to you.

A better way

Data-driven translation management software is a modern way to automate your entire translation process. No more copying and pasting, no more black box. The right management tool can eliminate up to 90 percent of manual translation processes.

Translation management software automatically recognizes when new content is created and forwards it to your translation team. With a fully integrated system, translators work with visual context: they can see what every translation will look like on your website or web application while they work. Developers spend less time on localization because translators catch layout concerns earlier in the process as they’re translating.

The data these systems collect also identifies the stopgaps. There’s no need to guess why a certain language or piece of content took so long to translate–the system shows you exactly what happened. And, if the system is fully transparent, your updates are available in real-time.

Who’s translating the new way?

GoPro. The world’s leading activity image capture company, GoPro has users in more than 150 countries. The company needed to launch its website in six new languages before the holiday season: Traditional translation would take too long.

Using a modern translation management system, GoPro got all six languages up and running in three weeks. Holiday sales doubled.

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