Translation: Are You Doing it Wrong?

There is a popular meme that superimposes the phrase “You’re Doing It Wrong” over images of colossal (or hilarious) failures, suggesting in a less than subtle way that there is room for improvement. But ‘doing it wrong’ isn’t limited to individual failures. Organizations do it wrong too. For example, if your brand is still manually translating its content by copying and pasting word strings inside of a spreadsheet then ‘you’re doing it wrong’!

And don’t you want your brand to do it right?

Many who have been involved with translation projects previously are unlikely to have fond memories of their experience. Traditionally, the translation process has always been unwieldy, resource intensive and prone to errors. Even today, it is common that no one wants to own it, and it’s most often viewed as an afterthought in overall go-to-market strategies. A majority of organizations still employ a ‘lift-and-drop’ mentality to localization tool, translating just a few key webpages or buttons in an app when entering new markets.

In short, translation’s been viewed as ‘tactical’ – something that needed to be done regardless of how painful it was. But translation shouldn’t be tactical, it should be a key component of your overall global content strategy – and play an integral part of an organization’s growth trajectory. In today’s competitive marketplace, your brand can no longer afford to view translation as a final ‘check-box’ on your global campaigns. You need to start thinking about how translation can help grow your business.

A better way

If you want your brand to tap into the unlimited growth potential of the global marketplace, you need to be able to scale translation and localization processes. This is something that‘s virtually impossible to do using ‘the traditional method’, unless you’re willing to sacrifice quality, or spend an inordinate amount of money by only working with language service providers or translators.

Luckily there’s a better way for ambitious brands – including yours – to scale translation efforts, and the secret ingredient is the right technology. Forward-thinking organizations have been turning to technology to solve their problems since technology began, and this problem is no different. Implementing a translation management system automates and streamlines translation efforts, eliminating up to 90 percent of the manual processes that slowed down time-to-market for new messages in the past.

You no longer have to sacrifice speed for quality or vice versa, as the best translation management software can automatically recognize when new content is created, forward that content to human translators – ensuring quality – who now can translate in-context, communicate and update copy in real-time. This ability to get quality on-brand messages out more quickly can be just the edge your brand needs to stay ahead of the competition and achieve the more dominant global position it craves.

Who’s doing it right?

One brand who’s proven that having the right translation strategy in place can accelerate global growth is GoPro, the world’s leading activity image capture company. GoPro has users in more than 150 countries and was looking to find better ways to support its growing global customer base by speaking to them in their native languages.

The company needed to launch in six new languages before the holiday season, which was just two months away. With the right technology platform in place GoPro was able to get all six languages up and running in just three weeks and see its holiday sales double from the previous year.

Learn more

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