The Translation Industry According to Google Autocomplete

Google loves to finish our sentences by using autocomplete. While some might find it helpful, others might find it annoying. In some cases, it’s simply hilarious. No matter whether we like it or not, the autocomplete that Google provides is a reflection of what people are searching for.

So, what are people searching for when it comes to translation? We ran a quick little experiment. See our results below.

What Autocomplete Says about Translation in General

What Autocomplete Says about Translators

Screenshot 2014-07-25 14.07.31

Screenshot 2014-07-25 13.58.04

What Autocomplete Says about Translation Technology

Screenshot 2014-07-25 13.58.22

Screenshot 2014-07-25 13.58.44

What Google Autocomplete Says about Google Translate

Screenshot 2014-07-25 13.59.00

And, the Grand Finale…

Screenshot 2014-07-25 13.59.11