Translation Quality or Translation Speed? How Basho Chose Both

All marketing gigs are not created equal.

“We’re essentially creating a new language,” explains Toni Vicars, Marketing Director EMEA of Basho Technologies.

That’s because, in addition to explaining how its proprietary platform simplifies and supports big data management, Basho also assumes responsibility for educating audiences about the big data industry itself.

“We’re dealing with new terminology that people might not yet understand properly even in English.”

As Basho continues to do this difficult work of building comprehension and creating clarity around its offerings, success is always taking the company to new corners of the world. As a result, executives decided that a recent website refresh project was the perfect opportunity to welcome French- and German-speaking customers into the conversation.

“While we live in a global world, we should be respectful and shouldn’t assume that everyone can or wants to engage in English,” Vicars noted.

A Multifaceted Mission

The first item on the agenda was finalizing the redesign of the company’s U.S. website. From there, the content would be translated onto Basho’s existing Japanese website before being translated twice more to support the launch of French and German sites.

On top of these logistical complexities, there was also a significant strategic mandate to consider:  Vicars was tasked with getting all four websites up and running within 60 days — without increasing headcount.

Vicars’ attention quickly turned to the translation management software market, but she knew she had to be discerning with her decision.

Basho’s continued success hinges upon preserving clear and consistent messaging. So translation quality could not be compromised. Also, the websites only represent one portion of the brand’s broader, more dynamic marketing plans.

“Our nurture programs are massive, and all the landing pages, emails, and other related content that needs to be translated is an ongoing project,” Vicars added.

Partners In Growth

After compiling detailed selection criteria and weighing several potential suitors, Basho ultimately sided with Smartling. And the team’s faith in their new partner was quickly repaid.

Basho easily met its initial 60-day deadline, confidently publishing more than 75,000 words across three international websites without adding any in-house staff.

“As a valuable unofficial member of our extended marketing team, Smartling provides us the support and structure to engage with customers and future customers on their own terms — allowing us to more effectively enter new markets and grow our business,” Vicars concluded.

So what exactly elevated Smartling above its competitors in this instance? And more importantly, why does Basho continue to keep Smartling at the center of its international marketing plans?