Good News for Translation Workflow Management!

I recently saw the new custom workflow tool added to Smartling. Wow, I thought. Really? We can do that? Do you know how crazy that is?

I was jumping up and down, excited, over something that you might think would be default functionality. But when I tell anyone who has been managing enterprise-scale translation workflows for a while, they are just as excited as I am about this new feature. Here’s why:

Being able to configure as many steps in your translation workflow as you need – simply by drag-and-dropping elements – and then being able to copy and recreate the workflow with the click of a few buttons is such a huge time-saver for enterprise translation management.

Whether you’re looking to translate website content or even localize an app, it’s common in the translation process to realize you need a multi-step flow for very specific content (think: highly sensitive content that must have several reviews, including legal). Then you find yourself wanting to make this new complex workflow the standard across several product divisions. Do you really want to recreate that workflow each and every time, manually? (It’s painful. Trust me.)

Of course, you don’t always need complex workflows, and you certainly don’t always need multiple translation workflows for different parts of your business. Understandably, you want your business to run as efficiently as possible – and you might already have the simplest-possible process in place. But when you really do need multiple and/or complex workflows, doesn’t it make sense for workflow creation, replication, and modification to be as easy, and as risk-free, as possible?

Seeing is believing – so watch the video below to see Smartling’s custom translation workflow tool in action. And if you want to know how easy it would be to implement your own workflows in Smartling, let us know.

Workflows in Smartling on Vimeo.