What Retailers Can Learn from Fast Fashion

Fast fashion is a relatively new term that refers to the ability of big-box apparel retailers to quickly design and mass-produce clothes inspired by high-fashion runway looks. While it used to take months for items to get from the runway to retailers, this new trend has made it possible for new looks to get into stores in as few as two weeks, according to WBUR. What is behind the success of this new global trend?

Manufacturing and Marketing Speed

As implied by its name, the defining feature of fast fashion is its ability to get from the runway to retailers in a very short amount of time. Though a quick supply chain is an important component, there’s more than just quick designers and manufacturers at work here. The key to fast fashion is capitalizing on current fashion trends that consumers learn about online. Because consumers are looking for a way to get these looks at home, it is crucial to have web content localized for the markets you are trying to reach.

People interested in buying low-cost versions of high-fashion looks will search online and across social networks. Quickly posting localized content ensures customers around the world can find runway-inspired looks while they’re still hot and leading online activity. Fast fashion demonstrates that prioritizing translation speed and getting content to consumers quickly will increase sales and ensure consumers find what they want while they still want it—which may only be a few weeks in the fashion industry.

The Power of Familiarity

Another reason this trend has worked so well is that it uses familiar aesthetics to sell completely new products (perhaps why some have used the term “knockoff” to describe fast-fashion items).

Though businesses have to be careful to avoid direct comparisons to competitors, framing products in relation to similar items, especially in international markets, will help create an instant familiarity with your product. This is done in a way that is similar to how fashion fans can instantly recognize the looks they see at fast-fashion retailers.

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