What’s Smartling Doing At CITE?

What’s Smartling Doing At CITE?

We’re looking forward to attending CITE (and will be in the exhibitor hall to show off our wares…) but you may be wondering, why are we in such an event (and/or who the heck are we, anyway?)

Smartling has built a revolutionary – yeah, I said that 🙂 – new way to localize and translate websites. It used to be that only the biggest companies in the world could afford to have their online presence in multiple languages. But those language sites were a pain to build, and an even bigger pain to maintain. Not anymore. That’s why we want to be part of the consumerization-of-IT-in-the-enterprise conversation.

The traditional localization industry is full of translation agencies. Most of these folks are awesome at language translation, cultural considerations, international growth strategies, etc. But very few, if any, have the technology DNA within their organization.

Smartling is a software company. Jack Welde, the founder & CEO, coded the early product himself. He’s all about string extraction, pattern matching, properties and .xliff files, content swapping, javascript parsing, and so much more.

What we are not is another machine translation technology. That’s been built and we’ll leave that to Google, Bing, etc. We can integrate with those tools if you need to, but what we’ve built is a translation management system that allows companies (large and small) to house and manage the translation workflow of all their digital content.

It’s a bit like a CMS for translation. And it shouldn’t be that translation is such a complicated and expensive black-box process that only the Fortune 500 can afford. The consumerization of many historically complex, expensive and “enterprise” software products (think salesforce.com and Zendesk) have dramatically improved the productivity and profitability of many smaller companies – the Fortune 5 million. Let’s do the same for translation management so everyone can reach a global audience with their products and services online!

Stop by our booth (#17) at CITE to see a demo or just to say, “Ciao!”

About Team Smartling

Smartling is a software company with the mission to make the world’s content multilingual.


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