A Wonderful Surprise on this Wicked Day!

On this wicked day, we received the most wonderful Halloween surprise direct from one of our translation partners, Anja Jones Translation (AJT)!

You can watch their hauntingly illuminating video below.

This video showcases how their combined experiences (and eclectic hobbies), help bring to life the messages of many of our customers including Kobo, Foursquare, Uber, Indiegogo, and Vimeo.

Smartling is oh-so-proud to work with Anja Jones and her team who provide translation and localization services in German, French, and UK English. AJT has a remarkable ability to deliver high-quality translations on time and on target!

To Anja, Sarah, Anne-Ségolene, Daniela, Elke, Lucile, Emmanuelle, Frédérique, Sophie, Thomas, Katrin, both Stéphanies, and even little Elliot, your help is truly invaluable to us Smartlings as we work to deliver on our commitment to help businesses provide their customers with an outstanding native language experience.

Thanks AJT for your continued support and Happy Halloween to one and all!