WordPress Localization by Copy-Pasting Is So Old School

WordPress localization through copying and pasting text is an antiquated approach. It is an inefficient process that fails to make the most of the WordPress content management system (CMS). WordPress is one of the leading international CMSs of choice. W3Techs estimates 23.8 percent of the world’s websites are now hosted on WordPress, and the CMS supports more than 40 languages.

Use the WordPress translation plugin and drastically change your localization. Here’s how.

Easy Installation

Plugins are add-ons that expand the CMS’s functionality. The WordPress localization plugin can be easily installed in minutes with little to no technical expertise, so developers don’t need to oversee the process. Configuration is easy as well.

Automatically Detects New Content

One of the biggest draws of the translation connector is the ability to quickly and easily publish new content in mutiple languages. Whether it’s adding a new blog post or updating the information on an existing page, WordPress allows users to publish with ease. Similarly, continuous, agile translation supports the WordPress publishing format. Keeping track of new content to translate and localize can quickly become unwieldy. The plugin detects new content whenever you create it. Then, based on your settings, the new content will be either automatically moved to a translation workflow or be put into the queue for approval for translation.

Eliminates Copy-Paste

In a traditional translation process, you need to copy paste the source content into excel sheets or some other format, send it for translation, then track translation, upload the translated content back through the tedious copy-paste process, then push it live. The WordPress localization connector gets rid of this manual process.

Lets You Focus on Core Tasks

With translation management no longer posing as a headache, your staff can get back to their core tasks. Most importantly, as your developers no longer need to be involved with translation, their valuable time is freed up and you will win their appreciation!

Reduces Errors and Redundancy

Manually copying and pasting translations gives scope to many errors. By eliminating human involvement to a large degree, the WordPress plugin contributes to quality, too. Of course, there are other features like translation memory that help in increasing quality.

Multi-language publishing doesn’t mean you need to depend on an inefficient, slow, and error-riddled process. Use the WordPress translation plugin and focus on creating and publishing new content, while professional translation happens seamlessly in the background.

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Creating content for just one market in just one language is no longer enough. Get the facts and make the case for translation.