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Compliance Made Simple: Navigating Language Regulations in Education and Government

Thursday, July 25 | 12:00PM EDTHow can school districts and government organizations keep up with ever-changing rules related to language access? This webinar will dive into how organizations can comply with these regulations without creating an enormous burden on internal resources.


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Educational institutions and government organizations constantly navigate evolving language access regulations. Furthermore, community leaders strive to ensure that individuals from all backgrounds can fully engage in shared experiences, such as attending school or participating in community life.

Join us for a session with leaders from Fresno Unified School District and Tompkins County as they share insights on how to meet the needs of their diverse communities through translation.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The strategies employed by Fresno Unified School District and Tompkins County to enhance language accessibility
  • The role of language technology in streamlining the translation process and overcoming challenges
  • Future-looking perspectives on where AI can evolve and enhance the experiences of individuals in diverse communities


Zuleica Murillo

Zuleica Murillo

Executive Director, Translation and Interpretation ServicesFresno Unified School District

Jennifer Wong

Jennifer Wong

Head of AI Product StrategySmartling

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