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October 21st 2019 – October 22nd 2019Smartling is a Platinum Sponsor at the Brand Marketing and Digital Summit in New York and we hope to meet you there! This two day event is filled with workshop sessions and keynotes to help you improve your marketing strategy.

Smartling booth at Locworld 2019

Be human.

Move your customer with engaging stories and personalized journeys.

Discover how we humanize translation.

Swing by our booth to get your copy of our đź“– Move the World with Words

Connect in the moment.

Consumers worldwide are on the lookout for personalized experiences on every device, and, naturally, in every language.

Our Highlights

Here's what we're not going to miss

October 21 | 11:35AM

Brand by Humanization

Adrian Cohn - Smartling, Director of Brand and Communications

What is the single most important component of your brand story? For many years at Smartling, it was technology, but this ran its course. If commerce is driven by words, global commerce is fueled by language translation. This is the premise of Move the World with Words, a brand marketing campaign that illuminates content translators. We made a conscious decision to market our B2B business like a B2C - and focused relentlessly on changing the industry’s perspective on who we are, and why we exist. Discover how we renewed our story by humanizing content translators, the engine to our service, and how you can do the same.

October 21 | 12:45PM

Networking Lunch

October 22 | 9:30AM

The Secrets to Localizing Global Campaigns at Scale: Faking it till you make it

Marianne Bunton - Shutterstock, Director of Enterprise Product Marketing

Despite the globalization of everything, consumers have come to expect more relevant and targeted messaging than ever before - this creates a challenge for marketers launching campaigns simultaneously in markets around the world. Translation alone doesn’t cut it and cultural mis-steps, amplified across social media, have caused immense harm to some big-name brands in the past year.

In this session, Marianne Bunton, Director of Enterprise Product Marketing at Shutterstock, addresses the challenges of creating authentic localized campaigns at scale. Actionable takeaways include how to scale content across multiple countries, case studies on brands who are nailing localization, and a checklist of factors to consider when localizing your campaigns.

Meet the Smartling team!

Adrian Cohn

Adrian Cohn

Head of Marketing at Smartling

Adrian Cohn is the Head of Marketing at Smartling, responsible for conceptualizing and implementing worldwide, omnichannel campaigns for the company. He oversees product and content marketing, creative services,, public relations, corporate communications, brand strategy and more.

Informed by two years as a Senior Customer Success Manager and one year as an Operations Manager for the company, Adrian is uniquely positioned to understand how the customer experience and lifecycle is influenced by different aspects of the company. This background enabled Adrian to quickly iterate on the company’s brand and messaging.

In late 2018, Adrian introduced a new website, and in early 2019 launched the “Move the World with Words” campaign amongst other notable projects. As Editor of Smartling’s first publication, Move the World with Words, Adrian set out to tell the stories of human translators. The book, named after the campaign, is critically acclaimed by TC World as “delightfully different… highlight(ing) the human element at a time when AI and automated translation are the catch-words of the day.”

Prior to joining Smartling, Adrian was the Account Director for Spears Group, a New Orleans-based communications agency. Adrian also served as Associate Director of Development for SBP, a New Orleans-based not-for-profit founded in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina to rebuild homes for residents.

Adrian received his BA from Rollins College in Critical Media and Cultural Studies, and remains a Board Member of Touro Infirmary Foundation, the oldest hospital in New Orleans.

CK Khandekar

CK Khandekar

Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Smartling

Katie Adler

Katie Adler

Marketing Manager at Smartling