DrupalCon Amsterdam

October 28th 2019 – October 30th 2019Smartling is an exhibitor at DrupalCon Amsterdam and we hope to meet you there! The event is a chance to meet the Drupal community, it features numerous workshops and keynote sessions aimed at improving your Drupal skillset and knowledge.


Connect in the moment.

Consumers worldwide are on the lookout for personalised experiences on every device, and, naturally, in their language.

Translate tomorrow today

Future-proof your translation strategy. Skill up on translation and walk away with tactical guidance.

Move the world today

We’re on a mission to humanise translation. Will you join us? Smartling's first-ever publication takes you behind the scenes of 12 Smartling translators around the world, and on a journey to #movetheworldwithwords.


October 28 I 12:30 PM

Exhibition opens - Demo's available at the Smartling booth

Demo's all day every day! Meet Smartling's Product Specialists at booth 32.

See how Smartling works with Drupal:

Smartling’s Drupal module extends the platform with automated capabilities to submit and manage content for translation. Smartling’s data-driven technology bridges content production and the translation process, so content can be localised as quickly as it is created. The combination of Drupal and Smartling provides users with a powerful solution to automate translation with full visibility and control across the entire organisation.

October 28 | 7:00 PM

The International Splash Awards 2019

The International Splash Awards celebrate the best Drupal projects in the world.

October 29 I 1:30 PM

Talk: Humanity in tech

Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten will talk about how the future of technology is not about the bits and bytes or hardware and software but about the humans behind it. The emotions that are triggered, the lives that are impacted and the effects on society. Through anecdotes and stories Boris will provide a view on how we can be innovative and digital, yet stay human.

We totally agree with Boris's sentiment. This year we chose to illuminate the lives of translators, the people who work behind our technology and who are responsible for taking global businesses to international markets. We believe it's important to highlight the human element of businesses too 🙌

Visit the Smartling Booth

Join us at Booth 32. Book a specific time that fits your schedule with a Smartling expert or simply stop by to pick up some Smartling goodies and grab a coffee with a member of our team.

Here are some of the reasons you might want to pop by the Smartling booth during DrupalCon:

Games and fun - we’ve been known to have some pretty good swag, stop by the booth and check out our latest branded giveaways.

Regularly scheduled demonstrations of the platform ALL DAY! With over 4,300 deployments last year, 19 new services launched, and the release of our new editions we have lots to sing and dance about! 💃 We're flying in Smartling's Drupal experts, check out our Drupal connector and see the platform in action!

Advice on Localisation and translation. Smartling is a one stop shop for localisation. If you are looking to expand into new regions, the Smartling team will be on hand to offer our advice on getting started.

Meet the team

Alan Fitzgerald

Alan Fitzgerald

Director of Sales, EMEA

Partial to all things SaaS, localisation and music. Will talk to anyone about any three of those topics. Let's chat.

Aoife Molloy

Aoife Molloy

Team Lead, Sales Development at Smartling

I've worked at Smartling for 1 year now and I love meeting and talking to new people, especially when it comes to chatting about localisation and translation! Let's chat.

Patrick Guiney

Patrick Guiney

Manager, EMEA Sales Development at Smartling

I head up the Sales Development Team in Dublin. In my spare time I love challenging myself by training for Ironmans. At work my team helps people overcome some pretty big localisation challanges. Let's chat.

Kerry Hedinger

Kerry Hedinger

Business Development Representative

I have a deep understanding of how translation affects both global businesses and individuals within a team; let's talk and share knowledge… You're also welcome to give me your opinions on the Game of Thrones finale. Let's chat

Steven Sorenson

Steven Sorenson

Product Manager at Smartling