Global Ready Translation Summit & Book Launch London

September 17th 2019, London A free one-day conference focused on improving translation outcomes and celebrating translators. Invest in your localisation strategy and flip through the pages of our first-ever publication, which illuminates the human element of global commerce.

When asked about the best part of her job, Teresa smiles. "The excitement of bringing a point across in a different language is a challenge I love..."

Translate tomorrow today

Future-proof your translation strategy. Skill up on translation, walk away with tactical guidance, and be part of a movement to elevate the profile of an industry.

Humanise translation today

Meet the translators that power global commerce. Honor their work, and learn how to collaborate with translators from the practitioners themselves.

Move the world today

Smartling's first-ever publication - a physical book(!) - takes you behind the scenes of 12 Smartling translators around the world, and on a journey to #movetheworldwithwords.


8:15 am - 9:00 am

Sweat to the Beat at Gymbox

Start your day with Sweat to the Beat. A fun all-body workout set to the beat of some of London’s favourite music. This class caters to all fitness levels and takes place at Gymbox Covent Garden, a popular fitness chain based out of London famous for its unorthodox class names and is home to 'big hitters, heavy lifters, slick dancers and rule breakers of every kind'.

*Note: Gymbox has state-of-the art changing rooms with showers on site. The address is 42-49 St Martin's Ln, Charing Cross, London WC2N 4EJ. The next event, starting at 9:30, will take place at Radisson Blu Edwardian, Hampshire.


Breakfast at Radisson Blu Edwardian

Fuel up after your workout and before the official book launch.

Radisson Blu Edwardian, Hampshire 31-36 Leicester Square, London WC2H 7LH


Move the World with Words: Book Launch

Adrian K. Cohn

Our journey to produce this event started with an idea: that translators Move the World with Words. We transformed this idea into a thesis that is documented in Smartling's first-ever publication, Move the World with Words. It illuminates the human side of global commerce that defines Smartling's connection with the world. And, perhaps it will define your connection with the world, too.


Keynote by Anja Jones

Anja Jones

Anja Jones, owner of AJT, shares her perspective on the language translation industry and how it has changed over the past 10 years.




Measuring the Performance of your Translation Services Program

Kunal Sarda

You’re starting translation for your company from the ground up. Or maybe you’ve been managing localization for decades. Historically it has been challenging, if not impossible, to quantitatively assess your translation provider and make data-driven decisions about your investment in translation. Today, things are different. Information is now at your fingertips. It’s even possible to get detailed reports on individual translator performance in seconds. But this information is just the beginning. You need a framework to properly evaluate your translation provider, and we propose that framework should focus on people, process and technology.


Lunch and Networking


Linguistic Assets Part 1: Best Practices

Jody Bartley

The most scalable way to ensure your brand’s integrity in any market is by optimizing your glossary and style guide, assessing the quality of your translation memory and adjusting leverage settings, and reprogramming automated quality checks -- all on a regular basis. But what does “regular” mean? And who should be involved in this process? Keeping linguistic assets up-to-date is critical to a successful localization program, and high-quality results. This session serves as a comprehensive set-up to “Linguistic Assets Part 2,” where we’ll workshop your brand’s linguistic assets in an intimate setting. You’ll also walk away with an overview of how to configure your translation memory leverage settings, and with a guide to updating your linguistic assets.


How to Select a Language Services Provider

After 10 years in the business, we’ve learned a lot about how companies go about evaluating and selecting their language services provider. We will uncover the most common pitfalls buyers make in this process. It starts with understanding your team’s “localization culture” - who is involved, what are the priorities of the company, how complex are the requirements, and what is the desired process? With these questions considered and discussed with your team, you will be empowered to write a more focused translation RFP and other evaluation criteria to help you find the right partner. Our goal is for you to understand how you can achieve growth on the localization maturity model, so you’ll walk away from this session with a sample point-based checklist system, a guide to creating a translation RFP, guidance on how to issue a translation test, and more!



14:30 - 15:15

Linguistic Assets Part 2: Workshop

Alline De Paula, Conall O'Raghallaigh

As a follow up to “Linguistic Assets Part 1,” this session is an intimate workshop that will kick off with a detailed analysis of your glossary and style guide by Smartling’s localization experts. In fact, we’ll produce an entirely new glossary leveraging our machine learning algorithm to identify the terminology that’s frequently translated, but not yet in your existing glossaries. You’ll walk away from this session with a working style guide in English, and a plan to continuously update your linguistic assets.


Understanding the Cost of Translation

When you think about the cost of translation, typically what comes to mind is the cost paid per word. But what about everything else that’s involved with the investment in translation? For example, most companies use a translation management system, there’s a value to the human capital internally, often times there are hidden fees in invoices, and then there’s the opportunity cost of delays in getting to market. In this session, we’re going to tear down a translation invoice, reveal a cost calculator to help understand the cost of translation, and showcase a few ways you can leverage technology to strategically manage your return on investment.




Metrics Workshop: How to Assess Translation Quality

Mike Walker

Previously, translation data has not been easy to come by, and to this day is still challenging if not impossible for most language services providers to capture. This isn’t the case for Smartling! One of the most valuable features of Smartling Translation Cloud is that every single localization activity is tracked and available for analysis. But how do you use the data? We’re going to zero in on two key reports - content changes by workflow step and content velocity by workflow - to understand the performance of translators, editors, and internal reviewers to test a commonly asked question: what value does this workflow step actually add to the process? You’ll walk away from this session with a guide for using these reports so that you can apply these lessons learned to your specific use case.


Best Practices for Communicating and Collaborating with Translators

Bríd Fortune

The reality of working with global content creators is that you depend on people (translators) who you probably have not, and may never actually meet in person. For example, a localization manager in San Francisco may not meet face-to-face with their French translator who lives in the foothills of the Pyrennes. But, this doesn’t mean it’s impossible to create a relationship with the rockstar translators who are crafting your brand story in forgeign markets. There is tangible value to knowing your translators, which is the thesis of Smartling’s message realized in “Move the World with Words.” In this session, we’ll introduce best practices for communicating with translators on a regular basis; and demonstrate how you can easily refine translation quality at scale. You’ll walk away with a best practices worksheet, and more!

5:30pm - 8:00pm

Book Launch Party at Penthouse Suite

AND relax. You worked up a sweat, you workshopped your linguistic assets, you developed a plan to improve your translation quality, now sit back relax and enjoy some drinks and treats with your peers and the Smartling team.

When & Where

September 17th 2019, 8:00 am
Radisson Blu Edwardian, Hampshire
31-36 Leicester Square, , London WC2H 7LH
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The world moves on words.

And on ideas. And action.

Translation is a purpose and a privilege. Translation is about the truth—making sense of place, culture, history, and the sum total of the human condition.

Register today for Global Ready Book Launch: London. Get inspired and inspire others. Walk away with improved linguistic assets to achieve higher quality translation. Learn how to leverage insights and metrics to discover the value of data-driven translation. Network with peers Smartlings.

We believe translation is the search for meaning, but believe strongly that it is also a plea to be heard. At Global Ready Book Launch, you will be heard. Translators will be heard. This is a full-day workshop that is rich in content so that you can be rich in meaning with everything you do.

Register today. Reserve your spot and discover what it means to #movetheworldwithwords.


Jack Welde

Jack Welde

Founder & CEO at Smartling

Adrian Cohn

Adrian Cohn

Director of Brand Strategy and Communications at Smartling

Kunal Sarda

Kunal Sarda

VP of Customer Success at Smartling

Annette Obermeier

Annette Obermeier

Head of Marketing at Smartling

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