The Ugly Truth About Localization (and 3 tips that will make you successful)

September 12th 2019Join the conversation and learn from the experts: Globalization Veteran Patricia Sainz at SAS, and Ani Obermeier, VP of Marketing at Smartling, share the SAS journey as well as their favorite lessons and tips so you can avoid those common traps.

Smartling webinars. Learn best practices for localization from the experts.

Get insight on the common pitfalls when getting started with localization.

Learn what you need to scale your localization efforts.

Walk away knowing what to look for at the beginning of your localization process.


Annette Obermeier

Annette Obermeier

VP of Marketing at Smartling

Ani is responsible for managing, directing and overseeing Smartling’s global marketing initiatives and the company’s global brand. During her almost 17 years in the technology market, Annette held various leadership roles across Europe, Asia and North America. She enjoys running and playing the piano.

Patricia Sainz

Patricia Sainz

Translation Platform Owner - Globalization at SAS

Patricia has almost 20 years of experience in various roles and project phases in Digital Marketing, Branding and Globalization, with a degree in Graphic Design. She is experienced in leading, training and on-going multidisciplinary teams support around the globe. Currently, she is building and executing the Localization Program for different SAS business units. She enjoys yoga and meditation in order to find new ideas.

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