Developing and Deploying a Multilingual COVID-19 Glossary

November 16th 2021Professor Holly Seale tells us what it took to develop and deploy a COVID-19 Medical Glossary into 30+ languages to help non-English speaking Australians understand medical terms during the pandemic.

Holly Seale-Webinar

Developing and Deploying a Multilingual COVID-19 Glossary

with Holly Seale, Associate Professor at the School of Population Health, University of New South Wales

Medical terms are complicated, from the simplest health concerns to more complicated issues, like vaccinations. When this information is not in your native language, it can become a matter of life or death. When COVID-19 hit Australia, Associate Professor Holly Seale (School of Population Health, University of New South Wales) recognized that a rapidly produced vaccine for a global pandemic had the potential to save millions of lives. To make that vaccine universally accessible, her team volunteered their time to develop a comprehensive medical glossary that addressed new public health and vaccination terms related to COVID-19.

This glossary has been translated into 31 languages to help non-English speaking Australians better understand the COVID-19 vaccine and related terms.

This webinar showcases:

  • How this glossary was developed
  • The glossary’s translation process
  • How this glossary has been (and can be) implemented at any organization

Watch the session or read the recap here.


Holly Seale

Holly Seale

Associate Professor at School of Population Health at University of New South Wales

Associate Professor Holly Seale is a social scientist with over 17 years of experience in immunisation and infectious diseases. She has been undertaking pandemic related research focused on community and clinical based settings since 2007 and has published over 20 papers on the topic. Holly has conducted clinical, behavioural and data-based research, has published 164 journal papers and is a current member of the World Health Organisation On behalf of the Behavioural and Social Drivers of Vaccination Working Group. Her work focuses on improving awareness, acceptance, and demand of immunisation with a focus on special at-risk groups including children and adults with comorbid conditions, and refugees and migrants (travellers). She is currently the Deputy Chair for the Collaboration on Social Science and Immunisation.

Rachel Carey

Rachel Carey

Technical Writer at Smartling

About the Glossary

Learn more about the COVID-19 Medical Glossary here.

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