Found in Translation

December 9th 2020Inspired. Refreshed. Curious. This is how you’ll feel after our one-hour, interactive workshop hosted by Sid Efromovich, the personality behind the viral TEDx Talk on language learning. Join us on December 9th at 11am EST to unlock your language potential.

Sid Efromovich Smartling Webinar

Language and Connection

Sid will explore the ways in which we can show up in the world—on our terms—by using language as a tool to achieve our goals and as a window to new cultures and experiences surrounding us.

Reimagine Your Value Set

After a value mapping exercise, Sid will lead us through two activities to identify the ways language can help us re-energize our current value set, and explore new values from cultures that inspire us.

A Fresh Perspective on Language

Leave feeling inspired and with a renewed view of language—plus one new insight you didn’t have before that you’ll hold onto for the rest of your life.

See you December 9 @ 11am EST

By the end of this hour-long workshop, you will leave with at least one insight you didn’t have before that will be useful in your life. Are you ready to be inspired? 🥰

Sid is world renowned for his TEDx talk on language learning, a top 20 of all time on the TEDx channel. He is also an expert in positive psychology and social impact. He is the co-founder of Generation Pledge, a community of ultra high net wealth inheritors who commit to donating at least 10% of everything they inherit and to using their unique power and privilege for impact. Additionally, he is a faculty member of The Flourishing Center, where he teaches the Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology.