How SumUp built a scalable global content strategy & tips for getting started

Learn from localization expert David Pillon, Content Management & Localization Team Lead at SumUp, as he shares how changing up their content management approach and collaborating with Smartling and Contentful helped SumUp to expand into 31 markets.


Get insight on the three best practices for building scalable global content strategies.

Learn how localization can help solve real-world business challenges.

Understand the benefits of using a connector for global content implementation.

David will be joined by CK Khandekar and Anthony Polisenso, product marketers at Smartling and Contentful, to demo Smartling’s Contentful connector and share how Contentful can help scale your global content strategy.


CK Khandekar

CK Khandekar

Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Smartling

David Pillon

David Pillon

Content Management & Localization Team Lead at SumUp

Anthony Polisenso

Anthony Polisenso

Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Contentful

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