How to Translate Yext Location Data with Smartling

December 8th 2020Smartling's new integration with Yext enables you to automatically translate location data with professionals linguists. See if for yourself on Tuesday December 8 at 11am EST.

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Why this matters

The way of the world is powered by search. Just think about how much time you spend discovering businesses on Google Maps. Yext curates this content.

Yext Integration

Smartling introduced the first Yext translation integration to be listed on the Yext App Directory. See it in action for yourself.

Get discovered.

Learn how to set up the Yext integration and get started with translating location data today.

See you December 8 @ 11am EST

Search is a powerful form of discovery for end users. That's why it's important to keep your search data up-to-date and translated.

Join Steven Sorenson, Product Manager at Smartling, and Adrian Cohn, Head of Marketing, to discover how Smartling’s Yext integration - the first to transltaion integration to be listed on the Yext App Directory - enables businesses to seamlessly update and translate location data in Yext. Get a demo. Ask questions live. Whatever you do, just get ready to talk about search and translation.


Adrian Cohn

Adrian Cohn

Head of Marketing at Smartling

Adrian Cohn is a brand and communications strategist with experience conceptualizing and implementing worldwide, omnichannel campaigns. Board member of New Orleans area hospital foundation, Cohn currently serves as Head of Marketing at Smartling, a translation technology and services company.

Steven Sorenson

Steven Sorenson

Product Manager at Smartling