Onboarding the world: Why and how to localize your user experience

June 18th 2020Join onboarding and translation experts from Appcues and Smartling for a live, interactive discussion about why there’s never been a better time to localize your user onboarding experience and how to do it right.

Appcues Webinar

About the event

75% of people prefer to buy products in their native language. If you’re not localizing your in-app experiences, you’re leaving money—maybe even entire markets—on the table.

Register today to learn more about:

  • Trends in global software use
  • Data on buying behavior and preferences
  • The impact of user onboarding on retention
  • The 3 keys to successful micro-translation


Adrian Cohn

Adrian Cohn

Head of Marketing at Smartling

Adrian Cohn is a brand and communications strategist with experience conceptualizing and implementing worldwide, omnichannel campaigns. Board member of New Orleans area hospital foundation, Cohn currently serves as Head of Marketing at Smartling, a translation technology and services company.

Eric Keating

Eric Keating

VP of Marketing at Appcues