Webinar: The Issues With Issues... and how to resolve them!

January 28th 2020Albany Luensmann, Sr Customer Success Manager at Smartling, joins us today to talk about all things related to managing issues efficiently. Join us to learn how we can and want to make your lives easier when managing issues.


Understand the importance of raising issues and what types of issues you can open.

Learn how to prepare assets and content to reduce the number of open issues.

Gain insight on communication ettiquette with your translators.

CK Khandekar, Sr Product Marketing Manager, will chat with Albany Luensmann, Sr Customer Success Manager, to learn more about how you can resolve issues in a timely manner.


CK Khandekar

CK Khandekar

Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Smartling

Albany Luensmann

Albany Luensmann

Senior Customer Success Manager at Smartling