S2E3 - Spanish: What You Should Know When Localizing for the Spanish-Speaking Audience


Vanina Kfuri is a professional Spanish linguist who has worked in the translation industry since 2003. Currently based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Vanina has built her freelance business on strong communication. Vanina joins us on the show today to discuss the challenges of translating Spanish into English and what we should know when localizing for the Spanish-speaking audience.

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[01:17] About Vanina and her background.
[02:11] What is it like to live and work in Buenos Aires?
[02:58] The many different dialects and nuances of the Spanish language.
[03:30] A brief introduction to the Spanish language itself.
[05:08] Specific differences between Latin American Spanish and European Spanish.
[06:50] Life as a freelance translator.
[08:10] Vanina’s favorite aspect of translating.
[09:15] About the process Vanina goes through when translating.
[11:55] The benefits of clients being able to communicate directly with translators.
[13:08] Why context is key in any translation process.
[13:48] The biggest challenges in translating English to Spanish.
[16:04] The differences in character counts in translating and why it makes a difference.
[16:30] Why Spanish is a decorative language.
[17:10] What is Vanina’s favorite Spanish phrase that cannot be translated? [19:45] How Vanina ensures inclusivity in translations.
[22:07] The biggest cultural differences between Latin American Spanish speakers and European Spanish speakers.
[23:55] Understanding the many different cultures and people that speak Spanish.
[25:46] What would Vanina ask for to make her job easier if she could? [27:10] Final thoughts and tips.

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