Smartling Named to EContent Magazine’s 2016 Trendsetting Products List

Smartling Named to EContent Magazine’s 2016 Trendsetting Products List

NEW YORK – May 2, 2016 –Smartling today announced that it has been named to EContent

magazine’s Trendsetting Products List for the second consecutive year. Smartling was recognized for its

Global Fluency Platform, a global content solution that enables smart brands, such as Pinterest, Spotify

and Uber, to access new markets, more customers and greater value by delivering native brand

experiences that successfully engage local prospects and customers.


As organizations increasingly prioritize seamless digital experiences for their customers, leading vendors

are providing innovative products and services designed to help them in this endeavor. Digital content

professionals have hundreds of tools to choose from to get their job done. EContent editors turned to their

inboxes, coverage and contributors to determine the trendsetting products that are impacting the digital

media industry in 2016.


“The number of tools available to those of us working in the digital content space is growing by leaps and

bounds,” said Theresa Cramer, editor of EContent magazine. “I should know – my inbox is filled with new

product announcements every morning. The job of the 2016 Trendsetting Products List is to let our

readers know which of those products are at the leading edge of the industry, and can truly help them do

their jobs better. Congratulations to the products that made the 2016 list – and thanks for helping improve

the digital content ecosystem.”


Smartling’s Global Fluency Platform is transforming the way global content is created, consumed and

managed. With Smartling, organizations can reach more customers with localized websites, mobile apps

and other digital content with greater speed, and at a fraction of the cost. Smartling’s technology helps

brands deliver native brand experiences that resonate in every language, all cultures and any market.

“The digital customer experience continues to have an increase in impact on business success,” said

Jack Welde, Smartling’s co-founder and chief executive officer. “From a customer engagement

perspective, this means that standard translation of English-language content is no longer enough to

capture the attention of multilingual audiences around the world. A better approach to global content

rooted in authentic localized experiences is the best way to boost customer acquisition and retention, and

drive global growth.”


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About Smartling

Smartling’s content solution helps brands gain a more competitive global position by transforming the way

their content is created and consumed around the world. Smartling’s technology, the Global Fluency

Platform, helps brands access new markets, more customers and greater value. Smartling enables

brands such as British Airways, InterContinental Hotels Group, Uber, AdRoll, Shinola, Spotify, Pinterest,

Hasbro and SurveyMonkey to provide truly native brand experiences. Smartling is headquartered in NYC

with over 150 employees. For more information, please visit:


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