A data-driven approach to localization

Real-time analytics give your team a shared framework for measuring, communicating and improving translation performance.


Take charge of translation quality.

Quality Confidence Score

Imagine an algorithm designed to compute billions of data points related to translation quality. Imagine the impact that this would have on scalable outcomes and the quality of your global content. We did. And then, we built it.

Transform how you measure and manage quality.

Translation is an art, but measuring translation quality is now a science. Smartling Quality Confidence Score is the industry's first predictive, machine learning-powered measure of translation quality.

Big Data.

Our data scientists analyzed billions of translations completed on Smartling, and then identified hundreds of drivers that impact translation quality. We turned these into a single score you can measure, trust, and control.

Real-time and automated

Our machine learning algorithm compiles an automated quality score for every translation as it moves through Smartling. The result: a real-time view of translation quality across all your projects, languages and translation providers.

Your roadmap for process improvement

Did you know that adding a glossary term to a string can improve its translation quality by 28.4%? The Quality Confidence Score™ gives you a prioritized set of actions that will have the most meaningful impact on improving translation quality.

A common language for talking quality

A higher Quality Confidence Score means better content and better business results. Give your team a single metric to optimize across their day-to-day activities.

We built an algorithm to measure quality, but also an integration with DQF.

A more human way to measure.

Dynamic Quality Evaluation Framework, the TAUS industry standard for annotating and scoring translation quality, enables you to track, benchmark, and identify translation quality trends.

TAUS Approved.

A universal approach refined by translators and localization managers worldwide

Fully integrated.

Built into Smartling so DQF scoring and reporting can be easily managed


Configure scoring criteria based on brand needs and content type

You can measure other metrics, too.

Identify and remove translation bottlenecks.

Get a bird's eye view of your entire supply chain with our workflow reports. Understand precisely which parts of your translation process are slowing down time-to-market, without adding to translation quality. Use a data-driven approach to eliminate bottlenecks and make your translation process more agile.

Workflow velocity report

How much time is content spending in each stage of your translation workflow?

Workflow changes report

How much value is each workflow step adding towards improving translation quality?

Manage your translation investment with ease.

Track costs and estimate new initiatives with on-demand reports in Smartling.

Cost Savings

How much money was saved with translation memory?

Cost Estimates

How much money will it cost to translate a project, including savings from your translation memory?

Reports on demand.

Make better business decisions. Visualize and digest translation data across all your projects to make analysis and refinement a breeze.

Your goals. Our priority.

Best practices. Digital transformation. Strategy alignment. A dedicated Customer Success and Account Manager are focused on achieving your business objectives.

Robust translation backbone.

Plug into a complete translation management system without developing tools

Translation platform

Gain full visibility and scalability into translation projects. Manage tasks and assignments within the cloud-based platform.
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Translation interface

High quality translation within a WYSIWYG editor. Human linguists can translate words as they will appear in the production environment.
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Translation services

A professional team translating into 150+ languages across 50+ industries. The powerhouse behind your global content.
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Visual context for any page layout.

A rich WYSIWYG translation and review experience to improve quality and consistency.

Visual Context

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