The Ultimate Guide to Maximizing Your Translation Value

Learn from Smartling Experts how your team can reduce spend and time on translation projects while still optimizing for quality.


Translation is a critical component of global business continuity. It is the fuel to customer enablement, sales growth and retention of existing customers, and your brand. Translation represents empathy at every touchpoint on the consumer journey — it says to any person who consumes your product that they matter to you. 

Right now as teams are shifting focus and strategy, driving financial responsibility into every aspect of your business has become mission critical.

With a direct relationship between the overall cost, speed and quality of a translation, there is a unique opportunity to strike the right balance of project priority, quality expectations and overall cost to maximize your translation value.

We've collected insight from some of the experts at Smartling to help your team maximize the value of translation with an agile and centralized process. In this eBook, you'll find a complete guide to help you navigate this uncertain time.

How to Maximize Your Translation Value Includes:

  • Guidance on selecting the best translation resource for each project
  • Insight on applying Machine Translation appropriately
  • Workflow hacks and automation tweaks to optimize your process
  • How to update and tweak your linguistic assets to prepare for future content
  • Applying real-time program analysis for actionable insight

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