Translation and Localization Resources

Overview: Localization for B2B Software Brands

Smartling has built an end-to-end translation solution with simplicity, flexibility, and efficiency in mind for...

Translation Technology Checklist

Vetting and selecting the right translation solution can make all the difference. As you assess...

Brief - Linguistic Asset Maintenance

Maintenance of linguistic assets such as Style Guides and Glossaries is a time-consuming yet critical...

The Smartling Translation Management Platform

Enabling brands to quickly and cost-effectively launch their multilingual websites with minimal IT involvement. Download...

Smartling Overview

In today’s digital world, it is more important than ever for global brands to cater...

Product Brief - Quality Evaluation with DQF

Smartling's newest reporting functionality, Quality Evaluation with DQF is a complete measure of translation quality...

Smartling + Lilt

Smartling's Adaptive Machine Translation is an integrated approach that combines human translations with machine learning...

Product Brief - Salesforce Commerce Cloud Connector

Expand your eCommerce footprint into new markets with Smartling and Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Product Brief - Drupal Connector

Launch global customer experiences with localized Drupal websites

Smartling Global Delivery Network

70% of B2B and 73% of B2C companies expect to produce more original content.

Product Brief - Hubspot Connector

Localize Hubspot content with a simple, seamless platform integration

Product Brief - Sitecore Connector

Enhance the global customer experience with localized Sitecore websites

Product Brief - Hybris Connector

Expand your eCommerce footprint into new markets with Smartling

Product Brief - Zendesk Connector

Build better customer relationships with localized support content

Product Brief - Source Code Repository Connector

Agile content localization for your Source Code Repository

Smartling Language Services

Backed by a community of professional translators curated across 150 language pairs and 50 industry...

Product Brief - Oracle Eloqua Connector

Localize Oracle Eloqua content with a simple, seamless platform integration

Smartling Connector: Marketo

Smartling's integration with Marketo helps brands deliver consistent online experiences across to global audiences around...

Product Brief - Wordpress Connector

Deliver global customer experiences with localized Wordpress websites

Multimedia Localization Solution

The availability of your resource library to international audiences needs to extend beyond blog posts...

Product Brief - Salesforce Marketing Cloud Connector

Localize Salesforce Marketing Cloud content with a simple, seamless platform integration

Product Brief: Linguistic Asset Management

92% of customers say Smartling's Translation Management System has helped to improve their translation accuracy.

Product Brief: Jobs Management

Providing users of Smartling's Translation Management System with the ability to organize and prioritize content...

Product Brief: Workflow Engine

67% of Smartling customers say legacy processes are too manual and time-consuming.

Smartling Connector: Adobe Experience Manager

Smartling's integration with Adobe Experience Manager helps brands deliver consistent online experiences across to global...

Product Brief: Translation Memory

Smartling's Translation Memory toolset allows global brands to speed up their translation work, keeping their...

In-Context Translation and Review

Smartling's In-Context Translation and Review toolsets allow global brands to prevent errors and ambiguities from...

Smartling's Mobile App Localization Solution

According to eMarketer, there will be $245 billion worth of commerce transactions happening on mobile...

Smartling and Translation Quality

Smartling's visual context interface, style guides and other quality toolsets empower translators and reviewers with...

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