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Have you ever thought about how each of the products and services that you use on a daily basis are used world-wide? Think about it: dating apps, on-demand cars, and your favorite clothing companies all use millions of words to engage their customers. In order to achieve this world-wide, all of those words need to be translated.

This is an enormous challenge. We’re looking to hire more talent to simplify the process of translating billions of words for hundreds of marquee customers. We’re hiring across all of the departments that enable Smartling to provide first-class customer service, product development, and sales.

We enable people to connect with the products and services of our customers in any language. Translating words is an age-old problem simplified by Smartling technology. Headquartered in New York with offices in London, Dublin and Ukraine, we’re looking for talent to help build on our early success. We take our employees seriously. Read on to learn more about what you can expect from working at Smartling.

Our commitment to you.

Smartling is committed to each individual’s professional and personal success. We execute on this goal in many ways and on a regular basis. For example, every quarter our entire company meets in New York for three full days of training. These days are jam-packed with sessions focused on learning new skills that enable you to grow in your position. We also use this time to build rapport with one another. This quarter, between in-depth sessions, we took breaks to watch the World Cup and catch up with colleagues.

Looking for talent.

Smartling is an established company. In order to fulfill our company vision, we need to recruit and retain the best talent across many disciplines. Engineers. Customer success. Marketing and sales. At Smartling, every person counts.

One role we’re particularly excited to fill is on the sales team. Sales Department Representatives (SDRs) play an enormous part in communicating all the ways Smartling can take the complication out of translation. “Prospects will raise their hand and say ‘hey, we’ve got a need or we’ve got a pain or we’ve got a challenge.’ The sales development team is the first point of contact for that prospect,” said Brian O’Reilly, Smartling’s VP of Sales.

We get it: sales is part of your DNA. Connect with top-tier brands. Own your success. Grab an iced coffee (or beer) on tap. Join Smartling’s SDR team. Benefit from professional coaching, learn from your colleagues, turn leads into qualified prospects, and have fun! Our SDR team is full of talent who benefit from ongoing professional development. “I’ve gotten so much more comfortable speaking to prospects, regardless of their title or the size of their company. This has dramatically improved my performance,” said Hai Yen Duong. “Smartling’s continuous coaching builds my self confidence and provides me with skills that enable my success at the company and also in my personal life.”

Our team says it best.

“The value that Smartling adds to our customers is one of the main reasons I joined this company. Smartling provides the right tools and expertise to streamline the translation process, enabling our clients to operate in a global marketplace and help add real business impact.”

Allan F

- Alan Fitzgerald (Director of Sales, EMEA)

“One of the best things about working at Smartling is that we can celebrate the team win! As a company, we have a defined vision, and each and every Smartling employee is driving day in day out to get there. Every quarter we dedicate three days to training in our central NYC HQ. It’s a great opportunity to travel somewhere new, meet new people and improve sales skills. Smartling believes in organic growth and there are opportunities for every employee. I’m on an exciting journey here at Smartling and I can’t wait to take the next step!”

Harry C

- Harry Chandler (Sales Development Rep. EMEA)

“We’re solving complex problems that are really important for our customers. Hiring the right people is one of the biggest challenges but also the single best investment a company can make to secure its future. It’s also why we’ve created an environment where our people can learn and grow.”

Daniel Cobe

- Daniel Cobe (Team Lead, Customer Success)

Where we need you. We’re currently looking to hire for a number of key positions across every department in the company. New York? Check. London? Check. Dublin? You bet (new office, too!). Check out our careers page and get in touch with us. We’d love to hear from you.

Authors: Adrian Cohn

Videos by Countertake This New Orleans crew also produced, shot, and oversaw the Smartling branded video’s which launched in March 2018. The team has had the opportunity to create national spots and digital content for ESPN SportsCenter, Microsoft, Twitter, Zatarain’s, GE Digital, and KIA Motors to name a few.


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