The MotionPoint Alternative

Looking for the right translation software solution to help you improve translation quality and launch international websites with ease? You need more than just a basic proxy tool when looking for translation software. Your software localization and translation provider should also offer you flexible technology alternatives, and the ability to work with any translation agency you wish.

Providing customers with a modern translation software platform is what we do, and Smartling is unique in offering you the ability to choose any translation services company you wish. Unlike our MotionPoint competitor, we allow you to select the highest-quality translation providers to ensure the best experience for international and multilingual website visitors. Benefiting from a faster and more reliable translation proxy solution is just one of the key benefits of choosing Smartling for your international website technology.

Unlike a basic translation proxy tool, Smartling lets you:

Launch international websites easily

  • Get your websites launched quickly and easily with Smartling’s enterprise-level implementation services and customer support.
  • Configure your translation agencies and staff in the platform a single time, so you no longer need to request a quote for every single project.
  • No more black boxes. With Smartling, you control the information, not your agency. See all of the international traffic data easily right in the system, and get a status update on your projects without having to call a vendor.
  • Eliminate the back-and-forth between your internal reviewers and agencies. Get direct access to the translators and reviewers, communicating with them in a single place, so that your data is all centrally managed and stored.

Learn how GoPro deployed their website in 6 languages in just 3 weeks using Smartling.

Improve translation quality

  • Gain control over your translation workflow, so you can influence the quality of your translations, unveiling a powerful translation management system that works alongside the translation proxy tool within the Smartling platform.
  • Improve consistency by using Smartling’s exclusive pattern matching technology for repeated phrases and partial matches used throughout your content.
  • Help translators improve quality by linking your internal corporate style guide and company-specific terms directly into your process, which is linked to the translation proxy tool.
  • Make sure to get the best translation quality no matter what the language, using Smartling’s advanced parsing of HTML tags.

Launching their website with Smartling enabled SurveyMonkey to gain new subscriber sign-ups and international traffic boost volume increases.

Technology that adapts to your business

  • Because your website needs are always evolving, Smartling doesn’t limit you to just a translation proxy tool. Choose from a number of flexible technology options for your website, such as our CMS plug-ins for AdobeCQ, Drupal, Sitecore, and others.
  • Integrate our enterprise-grade API into your build process directly to access the Smartling platform functionality easily. Using the API allows you to move your source content into the system and retrieve the translated files whenever you wish.

Developers and IT teams love working with Smartling. See what the team at Vimeo has to say.

When you evaluate Smartling vs. MotionPoint, the choice is obvious: Smartling is the preferred option for companies that need more flexibility, scalability, and quality than a basic translation proxy tool can offer. Growth-focused customers like Pinterest, GoPro, SurveyMonkey, Vimeo, and many more choose Smartling as the translation technology they trust with powering their international websites.