The SDL Alternative

When looking for a translation management system, you need a platform that integrates easily and quickly with the rest of your content technologies, especially when your content designed for online consumption. You need more than just a computer-assisted translation tool, or a translation management system that was primarily created for handling documents. You require modern, flexible software that gives you an all-in-one solution to managing your multilingual content — not just simple document files, but the complex software applications, websites, and mobile apps that reflect your evolving needs.

Building a world-class translation software platform for modern businesses is what we do at Smartling. We’re unique in offering you a continuous deployment software solution that not only supports all of your standard document and localization file formats, but also handles more complex projects, like dynamic web applications and mobile apps. Unlike our SDL competitor, we don’t ask you to “upgrade” to new “versions” or additional products, let alone pay for a new license each time you add new users. Removing the barriers that stand in the way of collaborating on translation projects is just one of the many benefits of choosing Smartling as your enterprise translation technology.

Unlike traditional translation management system offerings, Smartling lets you:

Centralize translated websites, apps, and docs in a single place

  • Gather all of your translation assets into a single online repository, giving you total control over your content.
  • No more hunting for the latest files or worrying about file format consistency across different tools and versions.
  • Bring order to scattered, disconnected processes. Configure as many workflows as you need, but manage them from just one place.
  • Invite all translation stakeholders and vendors into the system, allowing every department to work with their preferred providers.
  • Decrease the complexity and time-to-market of multilingual website projects.

Learn how GoPro deployed their website in 6 languages in just 3 weeks using Smartling.

Gain control over translation quality

  • Improve quality and prevent errors by giving translators a “what you see is what you get” visual preview, while they translate.
  • Get a full and complete audit trail, with the ability to see every change made by translators and editors with a date and time stamp.
  • Benefit from a built-in glossary and style guide, so translators can add value and help improve future translations as part of your standard process.
  • Leverage our world-class translation memory tool, which allows you to import and export your translation memory at anytime.

Launching their website with Smartling enabled SurveyMonkey to gain new subscriber sign-ups and international traffic boost volume increases.

Give good news to your IT team

  • Save your tech team time, by using a modern translation software platform that was created with developers and their ease of use in mind.
  • Integrate our enterprise-grade API into your build process. Move your source content into Smartling and retrieve the translated files whenever you wish.
  • Choose from a number of flexible technology options for website projects, such as our CMS plug-ins for AdobeCQ, Drupal, Sitecore, and others.

Developers and IT teams love working with Smartling. See what the team at Vimeo has to say.

The choice is easy when evaluating Smartling vs. SDL for your enterprise translation needs: Smartling is the preferred option for companies that require a modern solution that promotes translation quality, ease for developers, collaboration with your internal stakeholders, and evolves with your needs. Modern, software-driven businesses like Pinterest, GoPro, SurveyMonkey, Vimeo, and many more choose Smartling as the translation management system that moves as fast as their businesses do.