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Why Is Brand Localization Important?


Businesses that operate in multiple global markets have access to significant advantages and incredible potential. But brands hoping to capitalize on those opportunities must take time to develop messages that resonate in countries and cultures around the world.  

For starters, studies have shown that 75% of online consumers prefer to interact with web content in their local language. But beyond linguistic translation, there’s the delicate balance between adapting to fit local tastes and losing the essence of your identity in the process. Familiarity and consistency are assets few if any international companies can afford to lose.  Effective market penetration plans, then, must confirm which brand attributes are most attractive to target customers and which can be modified to meet local norms.

How to Translate Marketing Content For Multiple Markets

There are a few key ways to ensure brand consistency across global markets:

Translation Network Security

Simplify the brand message to make translating its’ assets much easier

Brand Localization Technology

Avoid idioms and buzzwords and instead build messages around universal values

Translate Marketing Content

Take note of local customs and cultural norms to avoid embarrassing mistakes and identify influential opportunities

Total Control of Brand Localization

Maintain consistency; an erratic tone will only create confusion for potential customers

Translation Software & Brand Localization

Choose translation software that acknowledges the importance of brand localization

Key Business Benefits

Total Control of Brand Localization

Total Control

Smartling provides the answer for ambitious brands looking to localize their brand messaging into dozens of languages, giving users the power to assemble resources and customize workflows capable of producing nuanced global content.

Brand Translation Technology

Technology Made Simple

Get the simplicity of an agency model with the benefits of a distributed marketplace: True visibility into translation resources and processes to promote smarter collaboration and improve supply chain consistency.

Smartling's Robust Functionality

Robust Functionality

Automatically extract and replace content wherever it lives inside your organization, routing it to the correct resources all along the way to ensure accurate translations and timely turnarounds.

Smartling Language Services

Complete Flexibility

Smartling’s Language Services offers access to a network of professional translators who will take as much care in translating your brand as you have in building it. Or, use the vendors you have in place. Our systems support either choice.

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