Document Translation

When you need document translation, you can’t take a risk with quality. You need the best possible translations, quickly. If you do a large amount of document translation, you also need to be able to quickly and easily locate the latest files, without having to worry about version control. Smartling gives you quick and easy access to all of your document translation assets in a single, centralized translation management system, so you’ll never have to hunt for the latest versions ever again.

Document Translation for Multiple File Types

Whether you’re dealing with training materials, marketing brochures, support content, press releases, legal documents, or any other type of document, each piece of content represents an important asset for your business. Smartling helps you keep it organized so that you can speed up translation.

Already have a centralized enterprise-level repository? Use our API and translation management technology to easily push translated files right back where you want them.

Improve Document Translation Quality

Have you had problems with document translation quality in the past? Our translation tool helps translators do a better job from the start with an in-context view, built-in glossary, style guide, and other key quality-focused features. In addition, Smartling includes translation memory, which allows you to re-purpose past document translations, reducing your overall costs.

Smartling supports all major document translation file formats, including Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, as well as Adobe InDesign.

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