Game localization is an absolute necessity today, with games reaching users all over the world.

In addition, games today are increasingly an impulse buy, bought with a single click in an app store for just a few dollars. The impulse decision is made easier if the game is localized for the player’s native language.

The Power of Game Localization

There’s no doubt about the power of app localization. Many developers see app downloads increase by 128% per country in just one week of offering localized apps. Before you know it, foreign language downloads can quickly surpass English-language downloads.

Tips for Game Localization

Of course, gaming localization projects are full of potential pitfalls. To make sure you don’t make any of these common mistakes, see below for our favorite tips on improving your gaming localization projects.

A Better Approach to Game Localization

Modern game publishers use Smartling’s translation software to reach the global market faster, with higher-quality translations, and at lower total cost.

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Smartling’s localization software automates the translation process, so that your games get into your global customers’ hands faster and with fewer errors. It also allows your developers to focus on the fun stuff, like creating cool new game concepts and user experiences. After all, they want to have fun, too.

  • Smartling’s enterprise-grade API automatically collects your strings, submits them for translation, and returns the translated strings directly to you
  • Cost-saving translation memory ensures that you pay to translate each string only once, regardless of the number of platforms for which it’s used
  • Deliver the highest-quality localized experience with professional human translation using your translators or Smartling’s partner agencies. Our translation software is vendor-agnostic, so you’re not bound to a particular provider
  • With our translator tools, translators can see their translation in context, something extremely important to ensure quality and reduce review time in game localization.
  • You can also specify the translation workflow of your choice, to suit your particular requirements

Stop worrying about translation and localization and get back to creating the coolest gaming experiences for your customers. Get started with Smartling today.