Medical Translation

For medical translation, quality is critical. Whether you’re a hospital, a life sciences company, a medical device manufacturer, or deal with health-related matters in other ways, every word matters when lives are in your hands. You can’t risk poor translation quality, and you need to work exclusively with vendors that understand not just the languages you’re translating into, but the language of healthcare.

Medical Translation the Modern Way

That’s why leading companies in the medical field take advantage of a modern translation software platform, Smartling, to reach their limited English proficient (LEP) patients faster, with higher-quality translations, and at lower total cost.

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Smartling is also HIPAA certified, with technology that gives you a full audit trail to see which changes were made by whom, with date and time stamps.

How does it work? Smartling automates the translation process, so that your translated information reaches patients faster, more efficiently, and less expensively.

  • Deliver the highest-quality healthcare translations with professional human translation using your current translators or Smartling’s healthcare-specialized partner agencies
  • Cost-saving translation memory ensures that you pay to translate each string only once, regardless of the number of times it’s used
  • Minimal integration work is required, meaning fewer distractions for your internal IT and Web teams

Stop worrying about healthcare translation issues and get back to focusing on providing the best quality of care to your linguistically diverse community of patients. Get started with Smartling today.