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Delivering A First-Class Customer Experience

Travel and hospitality brands understand how important multilingual support is to providing a first-class customer experience. Years ago, consumers were hesitant to schedule a summer retreat without first consulting their friendly local travel agent. Today, travelers independently research, plan, and book elaborate excursions and last-minute lodging directly from their digital devices. This fundamental shift in purchasing habits has made content marketing a competitive necessity in the travel and hospitality industry. From international airlines to boutique accommodations, brands are expanding their digital publishing strategies to ensure it’s their websites that appear on the other side of customers’ search queries and usher them toward conversion.

However, outdated practices are still preventing many in the industry from translating websites and apps with the speed and accuracy their business demands. As travel and hospitality brands start translating websites and apps at a greater speed and scale, the sustainability of current practices will be called into question.

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More Content, More Platforms

Global travel companies are producing more content across more disconnected systems, for delivery to more channels and devices. From website copy to mobile apps, and inflight magazines to marketing materials, translating all this content is time consuming and overwhelming, especially when budgets and resources are already stretched.

Scale Translation Processes

Unscalable Processes

Travel brands produce a lot of dynamic content, from deals and offers to menus and emergency messaging that require responses in real-time. With increasing amounts of content, the traditional manual copy-and-paste approach to translation is no longer scalable or cost-effective. Translation has to be as agile as the content creation.

Poor Travel Translation Quality

Poor Translation Quality

Inaccurate translations handicap companies entering new markets. Poorly localized experiences lead to diminished brand experiences and lost conversions. Further, the lack of context and quality measurement tools in traditional translation processes lead to errors and time-consuming review, increasing costs and delaying time to market.

Consumers prefer content that’s presented in their native language.

Streamlined Translation Memory Software Processes

of consumers in the European Union’s 27 countries were not likely to buy travel services online if the company did not offer a website in their native language.

Source: European Commission Report

An End-to-End, Agile Approach to Translation

Smartling is revolutionizing the way content is created and consumed around the world. Our technology helps ambitious travel and hospitality brands access new markets, engage more customers, and create better experiences. Our translation solution prioritizes process automation and intelligent collaboration so teams can quickly and cost-effectively localize websites, apps, and documents with minimal IT involvement. Simply put, Smartling combines technology and data to improve translation outcomes.

Whether you are just getting started by launching localized sites or are looking to optimize your processes by applying best practices, Smartling offers unique ability to partner in your localization efforts.

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Centralize Content

The digital content that greets travel customers is often the product of several interdependent systems. An airline website, for example, may pull its text and figures from a dozen different content management systems, reservation engines, and eCommerce enablement tools managed by just as many different teams. Using Smartling’s Translation Management System, localization managers can centralize the management of all that content, across different systems, into one location. Ultimately, this helps streamline translation and provides comprehensive visibility thanks to its cloud-based collaboration features. Learn more.

Scale Translation Processes

Scale Processes

Smartling helps clients automate the collection of source content in several ways. With a little upfront effort, companies can leverage our flexible translation API or our pre-built CMS connectors to build digital bridges that virtually eliminate developer requirements for years to come. Alternatively, our Global Delivery Network (GDN) can be leveraged for faster website launches with minimal IT involvement. Once initial modifications are in place, future content updates made on the source language website are automatically detected and pulled into the platform, allowing you to quickly add new languages and scale to meet the demands of the business.

Poor Travel Translation Quality

Optimize Quality

Smartling’s Translation Management System offers Visual Context, giving translators access to tools that provide a true, accurate visual of the content that is being translated. When translators are able to see what they are translating as they are translating, they are able to make fast (and correct) linguistic decisions based on where a particular word or sentence lives, or how it’s being used. And with proprietary tools such as the Quality Confidence Score and Quality Evaluation reporting, project managers have unprecedented insights to optimize the accuracy of translations for consistent messaging and optimal brand experience.

Benefits of Smartling for Travel & Hospitality Brands

Timely, accurate and cost effective localization of content is the key to success in global markets. Brands that employ a comprehensive translation solution that automates workflow and localization processes are more agile than their competitors. And with the ability to deliver localized consumer experiences faster than the rest, global travel and hospitality brands can win customer loyalty and increase lifetime customer value.

Optimize the Digital Experience

Optimize the Digital Experience

Despite economic and political challenges, people are more eager than ever to continue to travel and discover new places across the globe. But as they embark on international trips, consumers are coming to expect digital experiences in their native language regardless of where they land. Additionally, they are bypassing booking engines, aggregators and travel agents to research and book reservations for themselves. An optimized digital presence means more conversions, and greater revenue.

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Foster Stronger Consumer Relationships

Common Sense Advisory found that 75% of buyers agree that when faced with the choice of two similar products, customers are more likely to purchase the one that has product information in their own language. To be successful in international markets, travel brands have to speak the local language. Localized experiences result in more engaged consumers, and a better brand experience.
Source: Common Sense Advisory

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Meet Customers Where They Are

More and more travelers are using their mobile devices to book their flights and hotels. In 2016, eMarketer projected that 51.8% of travelers who booked trips via digital means utilized a mobile device, compared to 43.8% in 2015. Additionally in some markets, like Asia-Pacific, the consumer is almost exclusively on mobile. Smartling’s Translation Management Platform allows you to extend localization efforts across all digital platforms, including mobile, ensuring a seamless consumer experience.
Source: eMarketer

Smartling Customers Love Using Our Technology

“Using Smartling simplifies a complex and time-consuming process. As-is it’s largely hands-off, giving me time to focus on the product user experience of our translated apps, rather than the translation process itself.”

Mitch Fox, VP of Product, Couchsurfing
Source: TechValidate

Smartling already helps some of the world’s smartest brands rethink their approach to global content.

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