Native Brand Experiences

Smartling works with aspirational brands to create multilingual content strategies that resonate with their customers in each of the global markets they serve. Through the use of Smartling’s technology, friction caused by traditional translation process is removed, allowing brands to focus on what truly matters: delivering native brand experiences.

What Is a Native Brand Experience?

At the heart of every native brand experience must be the consumer or buyer’s interests – it is their experience, not the brand’s, that matters. A brand’s message is most often a universal one, but the means and medium in which it is delivered differ from country to country.

Native brand experiences come in all shapes and sizes, but there are a few core principles that connect them:

  1. Command of local dialects (beyond standard translation), as well as regional preferences and tastes;
  2. Commitment of all stakeholders to respect cultural sensitivity in all markets at all times; and
  3. Detailed awareness of market variables, from currencies and customs, to products and preferences, to buyer personas and buyer behavior.

Why Do Native Brand Experiences Matter?

Native brand experiences anchor to the brand, rather than the brand acting as a focal point; this is because the focus has rightly become the buyer or consumer. With information open, and for the most part accessible to all, many brands have already lost the fight to be ‘top of mind’ in their vertical.

Those brands that are winning already understand that choice is everywhere, that control of a brand is now with the people it engages, not the company promoting it, and that to get ahead globally, native brand experiences must be generated in conjunction with local customer buying behaviors and feedback.

Businesses – B2B and B2C – who break out of their home-language comfort zone to offer native brand experiences in all markets they do business in, will make the most of potentially infinite international opportunities. Their competitors, using traditional tactics, will not.